In the daily use of the car, the long-term wind and sun exposure, coupled with the outside air dust, etc., will easily cause a certain degree of oxidation to the car, etc. If it is not regularly maintained and treated, the lampshade of the headlight will eventually turn yellow. So when the headlights turn yellow, what should you do to fix them? Let's take a look with SHINESELL below.

  1. Wipe with a white headlight lens repairer, add transparent paste on a dry cloth, and wipe hard; at this time, our headlights are completely transparent and do not need sandpaper.

  2. First, we spray a small amount of degreaser on the surface of the lampshade, then wipe the surface of the headlight with a damp rag until the water or dirt on it is cleaned up; stick the prepared single-sided tape around the outline (green part) of the headlamp , and cover the headlight outline with tape with something like newspaper.

  3. This is to prevent the repairing work from starting when we spray the repairing agent in the future; first, we spray the repairing agent on the headlight, and pay attention to spraying at a distance of 15-20 cm from the headlight to prevent the repairing liquid from splashing during the spraying process.

  4. Repair solutions for car headlights, if the car headlights are seriously worn or scratched, don't rush to the 4S shop to replace them, it is a waste! SHINESELL recommends you try this repair tool; headlights The special coating agent for refurbishment can be easily fixed as long as it is sprayed and wiped again, and the headlights will soon be the same as new.

  5. Thickened deerskin towel, the lampshade is a fragile part, and it will be scratched accidentally; ordinary towel will not work.

  6. This towel is very suitable for car washing; its texture is very soft, its water absorption and cleaning ability are very strong, and it will not fall off at the same time.

  7. Gently rubbing will make the lights brighter; car wash liquid foam cleaning agent, car washing of course requires special car wash liquid, car wash liquid is neutral, it will not damage the headlights and paint of the car, and effectively remove the stains and oil film of the car body , to avoid yellow headlights.

  Through the above series of treatments, we can repair the yellowing phenomenon of most car lamp shades. For more information about cars, please pay attention to SHINESELL AUTO PARTS.