A typical car light consists of a tightly coiled thin tungsten filament in a bulb filled with an inert gas. When an electric current is passed through the tungsten filament, it burns and emits white-hot light. Under the action of very high temperature , the tungsten atoms in the tungsten filament are in a state of evaporation. Over time, more and more tungsten atoms will evaporate, and the tungsten filament will become thinner and thinner, and eventually burn out, and the tungsten atoms will be deposited on the relatively cold bulb glass. On, there will be a layer of shadow over time, blocking the light, the brightness of the lamp will be weakened and aging, affecting driving safety.

  How to choose the right headlights?

  When purchasing, we must first compare the quality and never be greedy for the cheap. The color temperature of various bulbs is from low to high. SHINESELL lights factory recommends that car owners can choose suitable bulbs according to their needs and vehicle conditions. At present, the common types of lamp bulbs on the market include halogen lamps, xenon lamps, and LED lamps. What should be paid attention to when purchasing them?

  1. How to choose halogen lamps?

  When choosing to replace halogen lamps, you need to choose good quality, and try to choose the original matching brand. High-quality bulbs have good light distribution and high brightness, while inferior bulbs have short lifespan, insufficient brightness, poor focus, and short range. It will cause the driver to have visual illusions and be prone to traffic accidents. In addition, due to the poor sealing of low-quality lamps, water is easy to enter in rainy days or when washing cars, which will cause fog in the lamp, and in severe cases, it will cause a short circuit and fire. Therefore, when you modify and upgrade the lights by yourself or need to be replaced due to damage, do not consider inferior halogen lights, you can choose to use some relatively large brands, such as Philips, etc., the quality is guaranteed.

  2. How to choose a xenon lamp?

  The xenon lamp is a modified part and can be used for more than 5000 hours.

  Xenon lamp models can be divided into three types: H series, 90 series and D series. Common car lamp models are H1H3H4H7. When purchasing a model of xenon lamp, be sure to choose a lamp model that meets the installation standards of the original car. Different series , Different types of lights cannot be installed and used interchangeably.

  When refitting, it needs to be the same as the original car bulb model, such as the original car H4, only H4 can be replaced. Requires the purchase of both xenon lamp caps and universal rectifiers.

  3. How to choose LED lights?

  The service life of LED lights can theoretically reach 50,000 hours, and the actual life can also reach 20,000 hours. Generally, there is no need to replace them during the life of the vehicle.

  When purchasing LED lights, car owners need to choose high-quality products, and try to choose high-quality products. They are definitely no problem in quality, but the price is also more expensive. High-quality genuine LED lights have high output intensity, stability, and a very long service life, which will also play a great role in driving safety. It can provide vehicle identification, while inferior LED lights have short lifespan, insufficient brightness, and poor light output intensity. Stablize. Therefore, when you modify and upgrade the lights yourself or need to be replaced due to damage, you must choose high-quality LED lights.

  SHINESELL proposes that no matter which bulb you choose, you must first ensure the quality of the product. Inferior light bulbs not only have poor lighting effect, short lifespan, but also have great hidden dangers to driving safety. Therefore, we must choose to replace high-quality light bulbs.