The lampshade of the car headlight is broken and needs to be replaced in time. If it is not replaced, the car headlights will lose the seal, and there may be water mist inside the headlights, which will affect the car lighting, and even water will enter the car when driving in rainy days. It will also cause a short circuit and damage the lights. The headlight shade can be replaced by yourself, but it requires a certain amount of hands-on ability. Below SHINESELL will teach you a simple way to replace the headlight shade.

  Car headlight lampshade replacement tutorial

  1. Remove the headlight assembly. The headlight assembly is generally fixed by clips or screws. After removing the clips or screws, the headlight can be removed. When disassembling, pay attention to protect the wiring harness on the headlight. ;

  2. Use a hot air gun to heat around the lampshade. After softening the lampshade fixing glue, you can slowly pry open the lampshade. If there is no hot air gun, you can use a high-power hair dryer or directly put it in hot water to scald;

  3. Remove the headlight lampshade, clean the colloid in the groove, fill in new sealant, press the new lampshade cover tightly, and wipe off the overflowing sealant;

  4. After drying, put the headlight assembly back on.

  For the damaged headlight lampshade, if you go to the auto repair shop, the entire headlight assembly will generally be replaced, because the lampshade has no original parts. However, the price of the headlight assembly is more expensive. We can buy the lampshade of the same model online or in some auto parts stores. If you want more peace of mind, you can go to a professional repair shop to replace it. What you need to pay attention to is to ensure the tightness after replacement.