The air intake grille is also an important part of the front shape, and together with the front bumper and headlights, it constitutes the front shape of the entire car. For the sake of aesthetics, the air intake grille is generally made of chrome plating.

  1. The principle of air intake grille material selection

  Since the air intake grille is close to the engine compartment, it is often baked at high temperature, and it is usually an electroplated part. The material requirements for it are as follows:

  Good electroplating performance, conducive to electroplating;

  Good weather resistance, preventing deformation and aging under high temperature exposure;

  Good stability, no deformation in long-term work;

  Good fluidity, meeting the requirements of injection molding process;

  Good processing performance, easy for injection mold design.

  2. Commonly used materials for air intake grille

  The commonly used materials for air intake grille are ABS or PC/ABS alloy, both of which have good electroplating properties.

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