I believe all car enthusiasts know that the car shell is composed of many parts, but if we want to list them, even some very knowledgeable drivers may not be able to answer them. So, what are the components of the car appearance? In order to answer everyone’s doubts, the following SHINESELL AUTO will give you a brief introduction.


  The car bumper is composed of three parts: the outer panel, the buffer material and the beam. It can not only beautify the appearance of the vehicle, but also absorb and slow down the external impact and protect the front and rear of the vehicle body. In this way, it can play a role in protecting pedestrians in the event of a collision, and can reduce the ability of drivers and passengers to be injured even in high-speed collisions. It can be said to be a very good car safety device.

  car fender

  Car fenders are also called fenders, which are located outside the body of the wheel and can be said to be a covering part. Not only can it reduce the drag coefficient when driving according to aerodynamics, but it is also very helpful to the stability of the car. Secondly, the existence of the fenders can also prevent the sand, gravel and mud rolled up by the wheels from splashing to the bottom of the compartment, thereby protecting the chassis of the car.

  car deflector

  The car deflector is mainly to reduce the lift generated by the car at high speed, so as to prevent the rear wheels from floating. Don't underestimate its significance. If the car lacks a deflector, then when driving at high speed, due to the difference in airflow pressure between the upper and lower sides, an upward supporting force will naturally be generated. Not only is the power of the car wasted in vain, but the supporting force will directly affect driving safety.

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