Car lights can be divided into headlights, rear lights, turn signals, license plate lights, etc., which play an important role in the safe driving of vehicles. The combined headlight is at the front of the whole vehicle, it mainly plays the role of illumination and signal.

  Types of headlights

  1. Selection principles of automotive lamp materials

  Good impact resistance: able to withstand the impact of bouncing gravel during driving;

  Good light transmission: play the role of lighting;

  Good weather resistance: prevent deformation and aging in wind, sun, rain and other harsh environments;

  Good stability: it cannot be deformed under long-term lighting;

  Good fluidity: meet the requirements of injection molding process;

  Good processing performance: it is convenient for injection mold design.

  2. Commonly used materials for automobile headlights

  Requirements for the characteristics of each part of the headlight and the applicable plastic materials:

  Optical mirror: scratch-resistant PC, scratch-resistant, highly transparent, UV stable

  Shell: PP+T40, PP+T20, dimensional stability, heat resistance

  Bezel: PC, PBT, PBT/PET, scratch resistance, high heat resistance, electroplating, high surface

  Reflector: PC, PBT, PPS, BMC, high heat resistance, high rigidity, high impact, electroplating

  Back cover: PC, EPDM

  3. Selection of commonly used materials for automobile tail lights

  Requirements for the characteristics of each part of the tail light and the applicable plastic materials:

  Optical lens (lens): PMMA, high transparency material

  Shell: heat-resistant ABS, PC/ABS, ASA, requiring certain heat resistance

  Inner light distribution mirror: PC, scratch-resistant

  Bulb holder: ABS

  Bulb holder: PA+GF, PP+T20, PPA+GF

  4. Selection of automotive fog lamp materials

  Requirements for the characteristics of each part of the fog lamp and the applicable plastic materials:

  Light distribution mirror (lens): Scratch-resistant PC, PMMA, rear fog lamps generally use PMMA

  Shell: high temperature resistant PC, PEI, PBT/ASA, LCP, PC/ABS

  Reflector: PC, high temperature resistant PC, PEI

  Back cover: EPDM

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