As for how to replace the rear bumper of a car, it is a relatively easy job that only needs the most basic mechanical knowledge to complete. You'll need a set of spanners or spanners, a flathead screwdriver, and a helper to help hold the new bumper in place as you reinstall it on your car.

  Open the trunk of the car to find the plastic trim covering the bolts that hold the bumper to the car. Start by unscrewing the small screw holding the trim in place, then you'll need to carefully pry it off, avoiding damage with a standard flathead screwdriver, in order to expose the bolts. Then there's the simple case of removing the bolt with a wrench or wrench.

  You will now need to disconnect the remaining bolts from the inside of the rear wheel arches. With an even number of screws located in each wheel arch, these should be easy to find and remove. Then slide under your car and use your screwdriver to pop out all the plastic rivets on the bottom of the rear of your car that hold the bumper in place. After this last task, it should be easy to pull the bumper off the car. Make sure to keep all screws and fixings in a safe place as you will need them later.

  Of course it is best to have an assistant or friend to help you. Open the trunk of your car and have your helper attach the bumper to the rear of the car. This may take a little while as you have to get the bolt holes described in step one to line up with the holes in the bumper. Once you've done this, use a wrench or wrench to reattach the bumper. Then carefully reinstall the plastic trim and screw it into place.

  Finally go around the car bumper and put the screws back in place under the wheel arches. Next reattach the bumper to the underside of the rear of the car using plastic rivets, securing it securely to the body. As a final step, you can push the bumper down around the car, checking that all screws and fasteners are tight enough to hold it in place. If there is any movement in the bumper, find the nearest screws and bolts and tighten further.

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