How to distinguish whether the car headlights are flooded or fogged?

  Under normal circumstances, many people do not know how to distinguish whether the headlight is flooded or fogged. They often think that it is flooded when they see water droplets. In fact, there is a way to judge whether the headlights are flooded or fogged, which is to check the traces of water flow.

  We know that when water enters the headlight, it usually enters from the top of the headlight and then flows under the headlight, which will form obvious water traces, similar to a waterfall. Even if the water is dry, there will still be some traces. Just like the traces on the road that a snail passes, an experienced master can see it.

  How to deal with it?

  If you see that the bottom of the headlight is only covered with water vapor and the top is still very clean, then it is generally a normal situation of fogging. It is recommended to turn on the headlight frequently and dry the water vapor inside by turning on the light. Generally, use a It will go away in a week or so. (You can also turn on the headlights for a long time at idle speed or connect the charger and turn on the headlights)

  For the cleaning work in the engine compartment, it should be wiped with a cloth or blown with high-pressure air to avoid "wetting" of the engine parts as much as possible. If the accumulation of water inside the headlight is serious, disassemble it and open the lampshade. After drying, check whether the surface of the headlight is damaged or where there may be leakage. If no abnormalities are found, it is recommended to replace the headlight Cover the seal and vent tube.

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