Different light sources have different advantages, so the competition for light sources is relatively clear today. LED lights have the advantage of multiple lights, while laser headlights have obvious advantages in energy consumption and range. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the form of low-beam LED + high-beam LED + high-beam laser light on high-end cars will become the development direction of many models in the future. For most current consumers, please try to choose LED when buying a car. Headlights. Of course, if you are in the foggy area all year round, it is more appropriate to choose halogen headlights. In fact, complex headlights can be dismantled and viewed from three aspects: structure, light source, and additional functions. Generally remember that lens type > reflective bowl type, LED lamp > Xenon lamp > Halogen lamp, the more additional functions the better, you will not choose the wrong lamp when choosing a car.

  The appearance of halogen headlights is the earliest. As the cheapest light source on the car, halogen headlights are preferred to be used by low-end models, and among the current car light sources, only the light emitted by halogen headlights is light yellow, so the recognition is also very high. , as soon as the light yellow headlights are on, you know it is a car with halogen headlights.

  The principle of halogen headlights is very simple. Halogen gas such as iodine or bromine is injected into the closed bulb, and then tungsten wire is used as the filament. After the bulb is energized, the tungsten wire is heated, and the sublimated tungsten wire and halogen gas undergo a chemical reaction at high temperature to emit light. After cooling, the tungsten returns to the tungsten wire to form a balance.

  It takes a little time to heat the tungsten wire, so the lighting speed of the halogen headlight is relatively slow, and the tungsten wire is continuously heated, sublimated, cooled and solidified when the light is turned on and off, and the cycle is repeated, so the filament is also easy to fuse and the life is relatively short. Models with external halogen headlights often have the problems of relatively short irradiation distance, relatively high power consumption, and uneven lighting distribution. The advantages lie in low cost and high penetrating power in rainy and foggy days.

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