If the grille of the car is faulty, it needs to be repaired at the repair center. If it cannot be repaired, the grille of the car needs to be replaced, and the car dealership needs to be contacted when repairing. It is best to repair it by the manufacturer. Subsequent warranty. The main function of the air intake grille of the car is to dissipate heat and air intake. If the temperature of the radiator of the engine is too high, there is no way to achieve excellent heat dissipation effect only by relying on the heat dissipation function in the engine, so having an air intake grille can make the car During driving, the air flows backwards, so that the heat of the car engine is better discharged. The air intake grille of the car helps to circulate the air in the engine compartment. The air intake grille controls the intake air volume and wind resistance of the engine, which can effectively improve the fuel economy performance of the car and make the engine work at a better working temperature quickly.

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