Removal steps for car headlights: After opening the engine compartment cover, you can see the dust cover behind the headlight assembly, and tighten it directly along the screw direction. Then you can see the bulb base in the headlight assembly, hold the wire clip spring next to the base, and release the clip to remove the bulb. When installing, it can be installed on the same road and returned to the car.

  When replacing the car headlight bulb, you first need to confirm the car's bulb plug, and you need to buy a bulb with a corresponding socket for replacement. Replacing the bulb doesn't necessarily require original accessories, as long as the bulb is fixed.

  Unplug the light bulb from the power socket. When unplugging the light bulb, use moderate force to avoid loosening the socket connection or damaging the light bulb plug. After unplugging the power connector, remove the waterproof cover behind the bulb. The waterproof cover of the lamp is mostly made of soft rubber material, and the waterproof cover of some models of soft plastic material is no different. You can see the waterproof cover come off with a little force.

  Remove the bulb from the reflector. When taking out the bulb, you need to pinch the wire snap rings on both sides with your fingers, and then pull out the bulb after the bulb is released. Place the new bulb into the reflector and align it with the bulb's retaining clip. There are several retaining clips on the lamp base. When installing, follow the steps to remove the old bulb in reverse: hold the wire circlip, insert the bulb into the reflector, align the installation position, then release the circlip to fix the bulb. When putting on the waterproof cover, make sure that the edge of the waterproof cover fits perfectly into the fixed position. Finally, connect the power socket of the headlight to replace the headlight.

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