Application of Active Air Intake Grilles

  1. The principle of active air intake grille

  The active air intake grille has the attributes of intelligence and precision, and it is a more advanced body part. The intelligence of the active air intake grille system is that it can control the blades on the air intake grille to selectively open or close according to the external environment of the car through the information of multiple sensors arranged in the car. Even the opening angle of the blades can be adjusted. The active air intake grille realizes the true "on-demand distribution" and scientific control mode.

  2. Why do you want to carry out such a design?

  This is because the operation of the engine has an efficient range, and the working efficiency is different under different working conditions. The structural design of the traditional air intake grille that is open at any time cannot adapt to all working conditions when the engine is running. For example; for cold car owners, once the cold winter is entered, when the cold car starts, the temperature of the water tank is already very low, and the water tank will be cooled again by the cold outside air. Therefore, the water temperature rises slowly, and the time required for the engine to enter the best working state will also be extended. However, the active grille has a big advantage. It can actively close the grille depending on the outside temperature. In this way, the engine can quickly enter the best working state.

  3. Advantages of active grille

  First of all, because the active air intake grille can intelligently adjust the grille state according to the external environment, vehicle operating conditions and other conditions. Therefore, it can keep the engine in an efficient range for a long time. Secondly, when the car is at high speed, the closed air intake grille can be selected intelligently, which can effectively reduce the air resistance during the driving process of the car, so that the vehicle can achieve better fuel economy.

  Finally, when the car is cold started, the air intake grille that can be closed intelligently can effectively prevent cold air from entering and dissipating heat. This can bring two benefits. First, it can shorten the warm-up time, so that the engine can quickly enter the best working temperature; second, it can quickly increase the temperature in the cabin, so that the hot air in the car can come earlier.


  The air intake grille on the car not only acts as the air intake and ventilation function of a car, but also becomes the symbol of the brand symbols of various car companies. It is both functional and visual. With the increasing intelligence of the automotive industry, active air intake grilles are rapidly gaining popularity. There is no doubt that the new air intake grille with more intelligent functions and more powerful technology will have great potential in the future, and the market will be very promising.

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