Bumper performance requirements

  1. Bumper material performance requirements: density, tensile strength, elongation at break, flexural strength, flexural modulus, thermal deformation temperature, notched impact strength, Rockwell hardness, combustion characteristics, etc.

  2. Bumper performance requirements: conventional heat resistance, conventional cold resistance, alternating heat and cold, moisture resistance, chemical solvent resistance, low temperature impact resistance, vibration durability, electroplating performance, corrosion resistance, paint adhesion, Light aging resistance, heat aging resistance, strength and stiffness.

  3. Basic performance of bumper coating: cross-cut test of paint film, color and appearance of paint film, gloss, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, gasoline resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance, Hardness, impact resistance, paint film bending test, water resistance, paint film tack back, paint film thickness.

  4. Electroplating performance of front-end decorative strips: thickness of electroplating layer, corrosion performance of electroplating layer, thermal cycle test of electroplating layer, coating and chemical treatment layer for automobiles.

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