Grille Guard Crash Bars Protect Your Front End

  A grille guard or bumper bar is both practical and stylish. Whether chrome, stainless steel or black, these front parts look great while adding another layer of safety and protection to your grille, lighting and radiators.

  A grille guard is usually a set of metal tubes with two or more vertical bars and multiple horizontal bars. They are designed to protect the front end of the vehicle from any object that may hit or hit the front of the vehicle. Larger grille provides more protection.

  Grille guards aren't just for off-road vehicles. These metal protectors can protect your vehicle from a wayward shopping cart or another vehicle pulling into a tight parking space.

   If you don’t want the complete protection provided by a grille guard, then a bull bar may be for you. The bull bars cover the shorter width of the truck, extending only about a foot up from the base of the grille. They protect your grille from direct contact.