Considering these factors can help you predict the cost of a bumper replacement.

  ​Buy new and used. You can replace your bumper with a new bumper from the manufacturer, or a new bumper from a third party. Generally speaking, manufacturer products are more expensive, while third-party (SHINESELL AUTO) bumpers are cheaper.

  Bumper type. The material your bumper is made of will also affect your costs. Today, most car bumpers are plastic. Plastic bumpers are easier to repair and it can make the job more economical. Metal bumpers are mostly found on older cars and are generally more difficult to repair, so repairs can be more expensive.

  ​DIY and professional installation. If you're skilled enough to replace your bumper yourself, you can reduce the cost. For professional installation, labor rates at most shops range from $50 to $200 per hour.

  Vehicle Type. Like many auto parts, bumpers are less expensive for small cars and more expensive for trucks and SUVs.

  Rear bumper and front bumper. Rear bumpers usually cost more to replace than front bumpers.

  Paint and finish options. Many bumpers are black or silver. However, if you require a custom paint or finish job, you may need to add additional costs to your bill.