A car headlight bulb replacement is simple for light-emitting-diode (LED) bulbs and high-intensity discharge (HID). Rotating bayonet-style retainers or thin wire clips hold these bulbs in place.

  To find out how to change a car headlight bulb, you must know the type of bulb used in the headlight. You can look into the car manual or consult someone from an auto-parts store to know the type of bulb used in the headlight.

  Extract the bulb by opening the hood. Remove the lamp connections and the other parts like splash shields, air-cleaner housings, and washer-fluid bottles for easy access to the bulb.

  Avoid touching the new bulb's glass as even slight contamination of oil or dirt can damage it.

  The headlight unit of the lamp or the housing should also be replaced if found damaged.

  Change the bulb and reinstall all the parts carefully in the car headlight.

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