Minimize damage and injuries in the event of a collision. Although Sierra 1500 bumpers are designed to withstand impacts, bumper damage from low-speed collisions is common. Some damage, such as scratches or paint marks on another vehicle, can be repaired with a hands-on approach. More extensive dents or cracks may require professional repairs or even bumper replacement. Prompt repair of bumper damage is important to ensure your car functions well and looks great.

  Bumper slightly damaged

  1. Surface damage. Surface damage is minor paint scrapes, scratches, or discoloration. Professionals can repair isolated scratches and scrapes for as little as $50. Alternatively, you can purchase a DIY bumper paint repair kit for $15 to $30.

  2. Dent. Dents are common because the Sierra 1500 bumper material is designed to absorb impact. Fortunately, dents are easy to repair, especially if there's no paint damage. Professional repair of minor dents can cost $150 or more.

  The bumper was seriously damaged

  1. Punctures and cracks. Sometimes the impact is so severe that the plastic exterior of the bumper cracks and exposes the shock-absorbing material behind it. This affects the bumper's ability to absorb future impacts, so punctured or cracked bumpers will need to be repaired. This may cost approximately $300 to $500.

  2. Impact compression. Sierra 1500 bumpers prevent frame damage by absorbing impact forces. This is done using metal shock mounts and other materials. When these materials are compressed by a collision, the bumper can no longer perform its function. Usually, it's best to replace it.

  3. Sensor damage repair. If your Sierra 1500 has parking assist, emergency braking, or other modern driver-assistance features, there may be radar systems, sensors, or cameras in or around the bumper. The cost to repair or replace Sierra 1500 parts after a collision can range from $500 to $1,900. The SHINESELL AUTO online store now provides professional bumper accessories for replacement, and the price of Sierra 1500 is usually between US$200 and US$250. Of course you don’t need to worry about its quality and after-sales service.

  The bumper is an important feature of any car. Repairing or replacing bumpers is not an area where you should save money, but it's okay to be mindful of the cost. These tips can help you save money on bumper repair or replacement.