Car headlight bulb replacement process

  1. Buy the required bulbs: When it has been confirmed that your car headlight bulbs are broken, you first need to know what model your car bulbs are? At this time, we can learn from several aspects: first, take a look at your The bulbs removed from the car will have a specific model mark on the bottom of the bulb. The second is to consult the vehicle maintenance manual, which is indicated in the list of wearing parts of most vehicle maintenance manuals.

  2. Unplug the light bulb from the power socket

  After the car cools down, open the bonnet and you can see the headlight assembly. First, unplug the bulb from its electrical outlet. When unplugging the bulb's power socket, use moderate power to avoid loosening the socket connection or damaging the bulb plug.

  3. Remove the dust cover behind the bulb

  The dust cover is mostly made of rubber, which can be unscrewed directly along the screw direction (some models can be unscrewed directly). It doesn't take much effort. After that, you can see the bulb base in the headlight assembly, hold the wire clip spring next to the base, and release the clip to remove the bulb.

  4. Take the bulb out of the reflector

  Generally, the bulbs are fixed with wire clips, and some models of bulbs also have plastic bases.

  5. Put the new bulb into the reflector

  When placing the bulb, align the bulb holder, pinch the steel clip springs on both sides and push inward to secure the new bulb in the reflector.

  6. Recovery steps after deletion

  Cover the waterproof cover again, plug in the light bulb, and the replacement operation is over.

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