Bumper appearance and size requirements

  1. Bumper (before painting. No cracks, cracks, blisters are allowed on the surface, no obvious ejector marks, obvious weld marks, sink marks, deformation, flash, etc. are allowed on the directly exposed surface, and other surfaces are not allowed. Scratches, silver streaks, ripples, and flow marks that affect the performance are allowed. The color of each batch of products should be consistent, the color of the same part should be consistent, and there should be no defects such as discoloration, discoloration, and color spots. The skin texture on the surface of the part should be clear and uniform.

  2. Bumper (painting. The surface is not allowed to have foreign objects, scars, poor appearance, shrinkage holes, pinholes, air bubbles, flow marks, poor polishing, sticking and other appearance defects.

  3. Bumper front-end decorative parts (electroplating layer. The surface is not allowed to have blistering, stains, scorching, stains, burrs, pinholes, bright spots, white fog, deformation, leakage plating and other appearance defects.

  4. The parting line at the connecting part of the bumper and the side wall must be hidden, and there is no parting line on the main view surface. If the product structure requires a parting line, the height difference of the parting line is below 0.05mm.

  5. After the bumper vehicle is assembled, it meets the requirements of uniform gap and break.

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