When it comes to the role of the car air intake grille, it can be said that everyone knows very little about it. Although the air intake grille is far less important than the engine, gearbox and other mechanical structures. But it is an integral part of any internal combustion engine vehicle. So, what does it do? What is the actual function it has? Let's take a look with shinesell.

  1. Air intake function

  The air intake grille of a car, as the name suggests, is the air intake. As we all know, for any car that uses an internal combustion engine as the power output, once the engine starts running, the internal combustion engine can only continue to work when the fuel and air are fully mixed. Therefore, the air intake grille here undertakes the function of supplying air to the engine, and it is an important window connecting the engine. When we understand this principle, it is not difficult to understand why pure electric vehicles basically do not have air intake grilles.

  2. Ventilation function

  Ensure that enough outside air is blown into the engine compartment to ventilate and cool components such as the engine, water tank, and air conditioner. Since the internal combustion engine will release a lot of heat during the working process, the temperature of the engine compartment will rise rapidly over a long period of time. In order to ensure that the car engine can operate efficiently in a reasonable temperature range, at this time, the air intake grille of the car once again serves as the function of ventilation and heat dissipation of the engine compartment. In addition to the two main functions of air intake and ventilation, the air intake grille can effectively avoid the splash of road sand and gravel, thus protecting the engine compartment.

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