For automobile bumper plastic parts, there are generally two types of classification: external type and internal type. For the large-area undercuts on both sides of all car bumpers, either the outer parting or the inner parting can be used. The choice of these two types of type mainly depends on the requirements of the final customer automobile OEM for the bumper. Generally, European and American cars mostly use the internal type technology, and most Japanese cars use the external type. The two types of splits have their own advantages and disadvantages. The outer split bumper needs to deal with clamping lines, which increases the processing steps. However, the mold cost and technical difficulty of the outer split bumper are lower than those of the inner split bumper. The inner split bumper is perfectly injected into the bumper at one time through the secondary track change track control technology, thus ensuring the appearance quality of the bumper and saving the processing steps and costs of plastic parts. But the disadvantage is that the cost of the mold is high and the technical requirements of the mold are high.

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