The pearl silver pink paint is sprayed in three times: the first spray is mist spray, and the speed of the gun can be relatively fast, so that the repaired area or the whole car is sprayed like a mist, so that the paint can adhere to the middle paint film. The second spray covers the middle paint or putty red and gray layer to show the color. Be careful not to have silver-pink paint stains, blooming and other problems. The speed of the gun can be slightly faster. The third spray is to correct the uneven spraying such as color spots generated during the second spray. In general, it is a standard to make the color covering of the repaired area or the whole car uniform.

  Overcoat varnish

  1. Flash dry for 5-15min after spraying the equal-color paint, so that part of the solvent is volatilized, and the coating film becomes dry before spraying. You can spray the overcoat varnish when you lightly touch the coating film with your fingers and do not stick to the color. If the paint surface is rough or prevent dust. It can be wiped with a dust cloth and compressed air while blowing. After wiping, degrease with a degreaser (called degreaser in the industry).

  2. SHINESELL reminds that the first spraying of overcoat varnish is mainly mist spraying, and it should not be sprayed too thickly.

  3. The second coat of varnish is for decoration, and the brightness should be sprayed; pay attention to the flatness and gloss. Apply overlapping sprays with a double-pass (back and forth) spray method, with the gun running at normal or slightly slower speed.

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