1. A comprehensive inspection of the appearance of the vehicle should be carried out. If the surface of the vehicle body has damage, scratches and other damages and leaks out of the iron sheet, it should be painted in time to prevent the surface of the leaked iron sheet from rusting and affecting the service life of the vehicle body.

  2. It is necessary to remove the snow falling on the car in time. The seemingly white and pure snowflakes contain some acidic or alkaline corrosive substances. These corrosive substances will erode the car paint with the melting of the snow, resulting in chemical reactions. , Destroy the paint surface, make the surface of the car tarnish, and also lose the hardest protective layer on the surface of the paint, making the paint more susceptible to erosion.

  3. After driving on snow-covered roads, especially on urban roads where snow-melting agent is sprinkled, brush the car in time to remove the stains on the car. These stains also have a strong corrosive effect and must be removed in time.

  4. It is best to do a sealing glaze treatment on the paint surface. The sealing glaze is to cover the high molecular polymer on the car paint surface to enhance the anti-wear ability of the paint surface. Water washing, acid rain resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. After the glaze is sealed, the number of car washes can be appropriately reduced. The sealing glaze can be maintained for a long time, basically it is enough to seal the glaze on the vehicle once a year.

  5. If you think the price of sealing glaze is too expensive, you can choose waxing to protect the paint surface. In winter, you should focus on choosing some anti-freezing, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust car waxes. Generally, you should wax the car once a month.

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