Several methods of repairing car bumpers

  There are many ways in which car bumpers can be damaged, so various methods of repairing car bumpers have emerged in time. Next, SHINESELL AUTO will talk to you about the different treatment methods brought about by various injuries and hazards!

  1. Rupture

  First remove the bumper formally, make a judgment on its crack, and confirm the repair place again. The tool used is also a plastic welding torch, and the back of the crack is baked and heated to implement the welding process. Be careful when heating, and it is best to move the covered electrode slowly along the crack when it comes into contact with it. Wait until the welding is completed, and when the temperature drops, it is also the end of the process! Deformation

  Same as above, remove the bumper, judge the crack, and confirm the repair location. Use a roasting machine to repair its deformed place, let part of the metal melt directly, and complete the process after cooling!

  2. Putty

  The choice of this material is to match the color of the corresponding bumper. The closer the color, the better! Trim

  You can smooth out its burrs with a knife, and let it slide down when it can be repaired again, avoiding later repairs. If there are some bumps in the bumper, putty can also be used to make it smoother!

  3. Purification

  This step is mainly to remove the oil stains on the bumper. If there is oil stain, the putty process cannot be carried out well. So you can dilute the coating solution before peeling it off, so as to ensure that the putty will stick!

  Usage: Mainly the main agent and hardener are used together, this step can also be operated according to the product manual. After applying and matching, it can also be applied with a spatula putty. The process is a scarring place to begin with!

  It should be noted that it generally takes 2 to 3 hours for the putty in the bumper repair process to become firm. At this point you smooth the cut with polishing paper, it'll be fine in a few days, and go paint!

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