car headlight bulbs

  According to the car maintenance book, the brightness of the headlight bulbs will weaken every time the car is replaced every 50,000 kilometers or about 2 years.

  Car headlights, commonly known as "headlights", are responsible for the lighting work of driving at night, so it can be said that the headlights are equivalent to the eyes of the car. The "soul" of the headlight is its bulb, and its performance will affect the effect of night lighting, which is directly related to driving safety.

  According to different lighting principles, headlight bulbs can be divided into several types such as vacuum lamps, halogen lamps and xenon lamps. Vacuum lamps and halogen lamps are cheap and widely used, but their lifespan is short, generally several hundred hours. The service life of xenon lamp can reach 2500-3000 hours, and the lighting effect is better, but the price is higher. Of course, no matter what type of light bulb it is, its basic maintenance knowledge is similar.

  Like the need to replace the engine oil filter during regular maintenance, the headlight bulbs also need to be replaced regularly. Generally speaking, the brightness of headlight bulbs will decrease every 50,000 kilometers or about 2 years. At this time, it is best to go to a professional repair shop for inspection. If there is indeed insufficient brightness, it is recommended to replace the bulbs. Replace them at the same time to avoid the situation that the brightness on both sides is not the same. I just wasted time during the annual inspection because I didn't replace the bulb in time after the brightness weakened.

  There is another situation where the brightness of the light is weakened. The aging of the lampshade due to the influence of the environment will also reduce the brightness of the headlight to more than 50%. Dirty and aging lampshades can also blur the light and make people dizzy. Therefore, aging lampshades should be replaced in time.

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