Because the rear tail lights bulbs are used frequently, such as brake lights, the failure rate is also high. Replacing the rear tail lights bulbs is actually a very simple job, but there are also some precautions in the replacement process, which need to be handled carefully.

  First determine which bulb is damaged in the rear combination tail lights, because there are usually brake lights, position lights, turn signals, rear fog lights, reversing lights, etc. in the rear combination tail lights, because different bulbs are their color, power, The pins, jaws, etc. are different. Most vehicles do not need to remove the rear taillight assembly when replacing the rear taillight bulb. Therefore, open the trunk and remove the clips of the decorative lining at the rear combined taillights to expose the lamp sockets and wiring harnesses of the rear taillights. Find the faulty bulb that does not light up, most models can remove the bulb socket from the combined taillight by turning (counterclockwise) the bulb socket at a certain angle, then use a clean item such as a rag to pad the bulb glass body, slightly press the bulb down and remove it. Keep pressing and turn it counterclockwise (some need clockwise) to pull up the bulb and take it out.

  When installing, follow the reverse order, but need to pay attention: the voltage, power and other parameters of the bulb should be matched with the original car; in addition, the brake lights and position lights are generally double-tailed, and other bulbs are single-tailed, do not install them wrong, In particular, the double-tail bulbs should be installed strictly according to the different heights or angles of the claws, otherwise the rear car will not be able to judge from your brake lights that you have stepped on the brakes when you step on the brakes.

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