The phenomenon that the high beam or low beam of the headlight does not light up alone is caused by the damage of the bulb itself in most cases. To dismantle the bulb, start from the back of the lamp assembly. First, remove the plastic or rubber sleeve at the rear of the lamp to protect the interior of the lamp from moisture and dust, and then you can see the lamp socket. connector. Most bulbs are fixed by wire compression springs. Press down the wire compression springs and then translate them until the compression springs release the lock, and the bulbs can be taken out.

  Install the bulb in the reverse order of removal, but pay attention to the following points:

  1. When installing a new bulb, make sure that the shape, voltage and power of the bulb are consistent with the model of the original bulb.

  2. The halogen bulb is a small cylindrical glass tube. When taking a new bulb, remember not to touch the surface of the glass with your hands, otherwise the grease sticking to the glass will cause the glass surface temperature to be inconsistent and rupture when the bulb is energized.

  3. There are several positioning protrusions on the base of the bulb. When installing, make sure that the protrusions are correctly embedded in the groove of the lamp. Some models are equipped with xenon headlights. If the xenon lamp does not light up, it is not recommended to replace the bulb yourself, because the xenon lamp is high-voltage and dangerous.

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