The method of repairing the black plastic scratches under the bumper is:

  1. Clean the parts that need to be repaired at the black plastic of the bumper with water;

  2. After dipping the sandpaper in water; polish the parts that have been scraped to have burrs until smooth;

  3. After polishing, wipe the repaired part clean with a dry cloth or paper towel;

  4. Paste adhesive tape around the repaired area to avoid getting it to other places;

  5. Use a sponge dipped in scratch-removing wax to repeatedly wipe the scratches in circular motions until the scratches are removed.

  The black plastic plate under the bumper is called the deflector. The deflector is fixed under the bumper by screws or buckles. Shinesell Auto recommends that users can disassemble it by themselves. The main function of the deflector on the car is to reduce the The resistance during the high-speed driving of the car reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle.