A car bumper is a safety device that absorbs and mitigates external impact and protects the front and rear of the body. It can cushion the car or driver in the event of a collision. Now with the continuous development of the automotive industry, engineering plastics are widely used in the automotive field. The front and rear bumpers of today's cars are made of plastic, which makes the body shape more harmonious and lightweight, and at the same time makes the body lighter.

  SHINESELL feels that the bumper is damaged, whether it is repair or replacement, it needs to be determined according to the degree of damage to the bumper.

  If the inner bracket of the bumper is seriously damaged or cracked, it is generally required to be replaced. It is best to choose the original bumper when replacing the bumper. Although the price is relatively high, the original bumper is of better quality than the original car, and it is also better in terms of toughness. Even under high-intensity pressure, it is difficult to deform. There is no big difference in color. Therefore, if your own conditions permit, it is best to choose the original bumper.

  If the bumper is only a small crack, you can choose to weld, but it is not recommended. Although the bumper plastic welding technology is very high, there will not be too many problems in terms of color difference and strength, but there will still be certain safety hazards after welding.

  To sum up, whether the bumper is seriously damaged or cracked, SHINESELL recommends that everyone replace it. After all, the bumper is used to ensure personal safety.