rear step bumper

  Bumpers cracked a lot, and many drivers accidentally removed the insurance. In this case, many people have to go to the repair shop to replace the bumper.

  In fact, the bumper cracks can be completely repaired. Bumpers are generally made of iron and plastic.

  If the iron bumper is cracked, it can be welded first, then polished by oxygen welding, and finally painted.

  If the plastic bumper is cracked, and the price of the plastic bumper is relatively expensive, it can be completely repaired if it does not fall off more in the middle. The specific repair steps are as follows:

  1. Grind first, and then use a grinder to polish the cracked sides, especially the paint must be polished clean. It is best to make miter cuts on both sides of the crack.

  2. Clean, especially the oil stains, the oil stains must be cleaned. A small hole can be drilled over the crack to prevent the crack from growing. Then try to restore it to its original shape, it is best to clamp it with something first.

  3. Use a heat gun to heat the two sides of the crack first, it is best to simply stick a few points together. Then, heat the special plastic-coated electrode with a heat gun, so that the special plastic-coated electrode and the bumper stick together.

  4. Then use an oxygen welding torch (adjust the firepower) to heat, or use a heat gun (for a longer time), so that the special plastic strip and the bumper are completely integrated. That's it.

  5. When the temperature of the bumper is normal, use a grinder to grind the welding repair position.

  6. Then, scrape the fiber putty first. After grinding, finish the painting work according to the painting process.

  7. If it is sunken or deformed, it can be baked with a drying lamp, and then pushed out by hand.

  This method is suitable for one or two small cracked plastic bumpers. If the damage is more, it is best to remove the bumper for repair.

  Of course, if the price of the bumper is not high, there is no need to make up for it. direct conversion. If the bumper is badly damaged, there is no need to repair it. After all, there is insurance compensation. If there is not too much damage, it can be repaired without insurance.

  The second repair method is to remove the bumper, make a gasket with iron sheet according to the angle and radian of the bumper, and then rivet it with rivets. Finally sanded, scraped and painted.

  The third repair method is to use special glue, which is only used for small cracks and does not last long.

  Of course, different methods can be used for bumper repair according to different situations.

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