If the bumper is not puttyed and a relatively good paint is used, the bumper will not peel if it is half-sprayed.

  1. The car body paint is relatively complex. The car body paint is not only one layer, but is composed of four layers;

  2. When repairing the paint surface, it is very important to go to a professional organization to find a professional technician.

  The car body paint surface is composed of 4 layers, from the inside to the outside, it is the electrophoretic layer, the intermediate coat, the color paint and the varnish. The primary function of the electrophoretic layer is to prevent rust. After the entire car body is assembled, the entire car body will be soaked in an electric pool, so that an electrophoretic layer can be formed on the entire car body surface. After the electrophoretic layer is generated on the surface of the car body, the robot will spray a mid-coat on the bumper. The primary function of the mid-coat is to prevent rust, and it can also enhance the ability to integrate with the next layer of car body paint.

  The color paint layer mainly plays an aesthetic role. The various car body colors that we can see every day are represented by the color paint layer. The varnish layer is the outermost layer of paint. The main function of the varnish layer is to enhance the gloss of the car body paint, and it can also protect the paint layer. Most of the minor scratches on daily bumpers are left on the varnish layer. Scratches on the varnish layer can be removed by simple polishing.

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