Many car owners may find that some headlights are equipped with a pack of tablets when buying headlight assembly accessories. They are more worried about whether they have bought defective products. SHINESELL reminds all buyers that the tablets you see are actually a pack of desiccant. So why do you need to equip the headlights with desiccant?

  The main reason for equipping the headlights with desiccant is to prevent water vapor condensation, ensure the lighting effect of the headlights and extend the service life of the headlights.

  1. Prevent water vapor condensation: Car headlights generate heat during use, and when the car is driving or parked in a cold environment, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lamp housing will cause water vapor in the air to condense on the inside of the lampshade or on the reflective mirror, forming fog. This condensation of water vapor will not only affect the brightness and beam range of the headlights, but may also damage the electronic components inside the headlights.

  2. Maintain a clear lighting effect: A dry internal environment can ensure that the headlights produce clear and strong light, which helps drivers get a better view at night or in bad weather conditions.

  3. Extend the service life: Long-term water vapor condensation will not only affect the lighting effect of the headlights, but may also cause corrosion and damage to the internal structure of the headlights, especially for some modern car headlight systems with electronic components. The use of desiccant can effectively reduce this damage and extend the service life of the headlights.

  Therefore, the desiccant is included in the car headlights to maintain the normal operation and optimal performance of the headlights and ensure driving safety. Buyers can rest assured to purchase and replace and install.