Reasons for fog:

  When the rainy season, rainstorm weather or winter comes, the headlights are turned off, the temperature in the lamp group drops, and the water molecules in the air can easily enter the cavity of the lamp group through the rubber ventilation pipe or the ventilation hole. When the internal temperature of the headlight lamp cavity is unbalanced and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lampshade is too large, the water molecules in the humid air will gather from the places with high temperature to the places with low temperature, enhance the humidity of these parts, and then condense on the surface of the inner lampshade , forming fog.

  There is another situation such as vehicle wading, water mist generated after car washing, etc. After the vehicle is wading, the engine and exhaust system themselves are relatively large heat sources, and rainwater will form a large amount of water vapor on it. With the snorkel, some of the water vapor will enter the headlight. And car washing is more straightforward. Some car owners like to use a high-pressure water gun to wash the engine compartment. After flushing, the accumulated water in the engine compartment is not dealt with in time. After the engine compartment cover is closed, the water vapor cannot be quickly released outside the car. Water vapor in the engine compartment may enter the interior of the headlights.


  There is no need to worry too much about the fog of the headlights caused by the difference in ambient temperature. After the lights are turned on for a period of time, the fog will be discharged out of the lights through the snorkel with the hot air, which will basically not damage the headlights and electrical circuits. It should be noted that do not bake the headlights, it is easy to damage the headlights, because the appearance of the headlights is made of plastic, and the extra heat can easily bake the lampshade, and most of this damage is irreparable. of.

  Usually when there is fog, as long as the headlights are used normally, they will completely dissipate in about a week. If it is particularly serious, you can open the rear cover of the waterproof cover of the headlights, turn on the headlights, and let the xenon lamps dry the fog inside. Then put the waterproof cover on after cooling and it will be fine. If it is water, it is generally difficult to repair, and the headlight assembly needs to be replaced to completely solve the problem.

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