Many people worry that flushing the air intake grille will cause water to enter the parts in the middle net, and ordinary car wash shops will skip cleaning the middle net without the consent of the car owner. However, the grille is easy to accumulate dust and dust. If it is not cleaned for a long time, dirt and leaves will accumulate, which will block the air intake grille and reduce the heat dissipation performance of the grille.

  Therefore, the grille needs to be cleaned regularly. If you are worried that the flushing will cause the parts to enter the water, you can reduce the pressure of the water gun, use the downward spraying method to clean it, or wipe it with a car wash cloth.

  Of course, the active air intake grille usually has a good quality and is usually not easy to damage. The active air intake grille is not considered a wearing part, and generally only needs to be replaced when it is damaged or blocked. In addition, the cost of active air intake grilles is relatively expensive, and they are generally configured on high-end models, and are basically not available in low-end models. It can be seen that the active air intake grille is not easily damaged.

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