The bumper system of a car includes a front bumper and a rear bumper, which play a role in absorbing energy during a vehicle collision, reducing the degree of injury to the body and electrical components, and reducing damage to pedestrians' legs during a collision. Bumpers generally include three parts: skin, energy-absorbing blocks, and reinforcing plates.

  1. Selection principle of bumper material

  Bumpers are generally treated by spraying. They have been exposed to wind, sun, and rain for a long time, and they bear the brunt of collisions. The working conditions are harsh, so the materials have the following requirements:

  Good impact resistance: it has good elasticity in the event of a collision, providing protection for passengers;

  Good weather resistance: prevent deformation and aging under high temperature exposure;

  Good paint adhesion ability: ensure that the paint cannot fall off or change color;

  Good fluidity: meet the requirements of injection molding process;

  Good processing performance: easy for injection mold design;

  The price is relatively low: the amount of bumper material is large, which can effectively reduce the cost of use.

  2. Commonly used materials for automobile bumpers

  The commonly used materials for bumper skins include PP, PP/EPDM modified, and TPO. At present, the bumper skins of Ford Fiesta, Fiat Feixiang, Volkswagen Santana and other models are all made of PP and EPDM modified materials, and the bumper skins of Volkswagen Bora, Passat, Mazda 6 and other models are all made of TPO materials.

  The energy-absorbing block generally adopts foamed polypropylene or PP bracket energy-absorbing structure to absorb impact energy.

  Reinforcement plates are generally molded with GMT materials or steel beams, which play the role of buffering and absorbing during low-speed collisions and protect the internal members of the vehicle.

  In addition to the above commonly used materials, PC/ABS, PBT, SMC and other materials can also be used in the production and manufacture of bumpers.

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