Installing a replacement grille on a 2015 Toyota Tacoma requires the following tools:

- Replacement grille
- Screwdriver (Phillips and flat head)
- Wrench set
- Removal tool (optional)
- Pliers (if needed)
- safety glasses

SHINESELL AUTO cautions that these instructions are generally for informational purposes only and that you should always refer to your vehicle specific manual and replacement grille instructions for accurate information. The general installation process is as follows:

Operation replacement steps:

1. Preparation:
- Park your Tacoma on level ground with the parking brake engaged.
- Make sure the engine is off and the key is removed from the ignition.

2. Remove the old grille:
- Open the hood of the vehicle.
- Find the screws or snaps holding the old grill in place. These are usually located on the top edge and sides of the grille. Use a screwdriver or wrench to remove them.
- Carefully remove the old grille from the front of the vehicle. It may also be snapped in place, so apply even pressure to avoid damaging them.

3. Remove the grille assembly:
- If your replacement grille did not come with all the necessary parts (logo, inserts, etc.), remove the parts from the old grille and install them on the new grille.

4. Install the replacement grille:
- Align the replacement grille with the mounting points on the front of the vehicle.
- Gently press the grill into place to make sure it fits securely.
- If the replacement grille has snaps, make sure they are properly inserted into the vehicle's frame.

5. Fixed Replacement Grille:
- Insert and tighten the screws or snaps securing the grille. Start at the top, then the sides.
- Use proper tools to tighten the fasteners securely, but be careful not to overtighten so as not to damage the grille or the mounting point.

6. Final check:
- After installing and securing the replacement grille, close the hood.
- Standing in front of the vehicle, visually inspect the grille for proper alignment and even placement.
- Gently press on different areas of the grille to confirm they are securely installed.

7. Test drive:
-Take the vehicle for a short test drive to make sure the grille stays in the correct position and there are no unusual noises or vibrations.

At any step, if you are unsure about any part of the 2015 Toyota Tacoma grille installation process, it is recommended to seek professional help or guidance.