For the installation and replacement of car grilles, many people think it is complicated and professional. In fact, it's a pretty simple mod if you know a few tools. As long as you have a set of sockets, a couple of screwdrivers, and another pair of hands, you should be fine.

  However, with some models, you may need to remove the front logo sensor located on the front of the grille and place it on a new aftermarket grille. This is one of the things most owners warn others about, as it can get a little confusing since you'll be dealing with wires and sensors and such.

  Also, some aftermarket PRO grills don't have sensors installed, SHINESELL AUTO says, "If you buy a pro grill, make sure it has a mount for the front camera." Some cheaper grills may not have this mount, but if you invest A good one, be sure to read the description or ask the seller if they have a stand.

  TOYOTA-style grills range from $200 to $500 on this site, and you can find cheaper and better ones. Some of them have lights and others have LEDs. It all depends on what you buy. Usually everyone's favorite is all black with letter outlines in think LED lights.

  In theory, this mod won't actually void your bumper-to-bumper warranty unless the dealer can prove that your visit was because of the mod. SHINESELL AUTO recommends getting it done professionally and making sure you are careful around the sensor and camera area. While it's unlikely to screw anything up since Tacomas are pretty reliable, I'd take extra precautions rather than doing it myself.

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