The nighttime illumination of the car headlights is usually caused by the following reasons:

  1. Improper light adjustment: The headlights of most vehicles can be adjusted in height. If the two headlights are not adjusted at the same level, the left and right illumination heights will be different.

  2. Unbalanced vehicle loading: If one side of the vehicle is heavier than the other, it may cause the vehicle body to tilt, resulting in differences in the height of the headlights.

  3. Suspension system problems: Suspension system problems, such as spring fatigue or shock absorber failure, may also cause the vehicle body height to be inconsistent on the left and right, affecting the illumination height of the headlights.

  4. Damaged or loose lamps: Damaged or loose fixtures of the headlights themselves may cause the angle of the headlights to change, thereby affecting the illumination height.

  If the left and right headlights of your vehicle are inconsistent, you can try to adjust the headlights first. Most cars are equipped with built-in adjustment mechanisms that allow the driver to adjust the lighting angle as needed. If the problem cannot be solved by simple adjustment, it may be necessary to further check the load balance, suspension system or lamp itself. Before solving the above problems, it is not recommended to drive at night for a long time to prevent driving safety. If you are not familiar with how to operate it, it is recommended to go to a professional auto repair shop for inspection and adjustment.