The main differences between original factory headlights and accessory factory headlights lie in the following aspects:

  Price: Original headlights are usually more expensive than aftermarket headlights because they are of higher quality and more well-made.

  Quality: The quality of original factory headlights is generally considered to be higher than that of aftermarket headlights because their production process is more refined and less prone to problems. In comparison, the production of headlights from the factory may be rough and prone to problems.

  Installation matching: The original headlights will appear more coordinated and beautiful after installation because of their fine workmanship and high matching. On the contrary, the factory headlights may not match well after installation due to differences in workmanship.

  Sealing performance: The original headlight housing has good sealing performance and will not experience significant aging or deterioration in sealing performance. In contrast, the sealing performance of the casing of the factory headlights may decline over time, resulting in obvious aging.

  Lighting effect: The lighting effect of the accessory headlights is not as good as the original headlights, and there may be inconsistent light heights or other lighting problems. 123

  Appearance features: Original headlights are usually printed with the brand’s logo and are finely made without defects or burrs. The performance of the headlights produced by the factory may be poor in these aspects, and there may be burrs and unclear printing.

  Lifespan: Original headlights generally have a longer lifespan because their design and materials are more durable. Sub-factory headlights may have quality problems after being used for a period of time, such as the bulbs extinguishing easily or other malfunctions.

  After-sales service: Original factory headlights usually provide a longer warranty period and service support, while sub-factory headlights may provide a shorter warranty period.

  Of course, if the budget allows, it is recommended to choose original headlights with higher quality, better installation matching and longer service life.

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