As we know while car autoparts appearance is certainly important, both for customer appeal and brand awareness, front grilles are not purely ornamental. A front grille, as opposed to side skirt and trunk grilles, is also known as a radiator grille. The name radiator grille is meant to signal its purpose of allowing cool air to flow inside the hood, cooling off many parts heated up by use and friction, but more specifically the vehicle’s engine and radiator.

  This singular purpose has remained consistent ever since the inception of the radiator grille. While some grille designs may be arguably more effective than others, the differences are primarily decorative.

  However, it should be noted, in the case of electric cars, the inclusion of a front/radiator grille will be purely a design decision. While not needed, we’re sure many drivers have come accustomed to their looks, meaning radiator grilles are likely to stick around, even in the evergrowing market of EV models.