There may be many reasons why car headlights do not focus. Here are some possible solutions compiled by SHINESELL AUTO:

  Check the light dimmer: Make sure the light dimmer is not loose, as this may cause the headlights to not focus. If necessary, try readjusting the light dimmer.

  Replace the headlight assembly: If there is a problem with the light dimmer itself, or the lampshade has aged and turned yellow, the entire headlight assembly may need to be replaced.

  Adjust the light position: You can fine-tune it by adjusting the screw rod behind the light to improve the light focus. The outer screw rod can be adjusted left and right, and the inner screw rod can be adjusted up and down. In addition, improper positioning of the tungsten filament of the bulb may also result in the inability to focus light. In this case, it is necessary to remove the screws of the headlight assembly, take out the bulb, and move the bulb upward to the correct position.

  Adjust the height of the headlights: If the vehicle is equipped with a headlight height adjustment function, it should first be adjusted to the "0" position. Then, adjust the height of the headlight appropriately according to the position of the headlight on the wall.

  Replace the light condensing parts: If the light condensing ring is found to be aged or deformed, the entire headlight assembly may need to be replaced.

  Clean the lampshade: Too many patterns or aging and yellowing on the lampshade may affect the light refraction. In this case, the assembly also needs to be replaced.

  Consider upgrading the lighting system: If none of the above methods can solve the problem, you can consider upgrading to a system with a lens, because the main function of the lens is to improve the light gathering performance of the light.

  Please note that the above steps may involve professional skills, such as disassembling the lamp and adjusting the screw rod, so SHINESELL AUTO recommends seeking professional repair services when performing any operations.