If the car headlights do not focus, it means that the headlight bulb is no longer in the "focus" position of the lampshade. At this time, the light can be adjusted through the adjustment knob on the back of the headlights.

  Reasons and solutions for car headlights not focusing:

  1.The light adjuster is loose or faulty. If it is loose, just readjust it. If it is faulty, replace the headlight assembly.

  2.If the light-gathering ring ages or deforms, resulting in no light-gathering, the solution is to purchase the assembly.

  3.The lampshade has many patterns or becomes yellow due to aging, which affects the light refraction. In this case, the assembly also needs to be replaced.

  The above are the reasons why the headlights do not focus light. In order to extend the service life of the headlights, the headlights also need to be maintained:

  1. Optical lenses should be clean. If there is any dust, blow it away with compressed air.

  2. The sealing gasket between the light distribution mirror and the reflector should be well sealed. If damaged, it should be replaced in time.

  SHINESELL AUTO recommends that when replacing the bulb, it is best to wear clean gloves and do not install it directly with your hands. When disassembling and assembling the headlight, be sure to adjust the height, level, etc. The adjustment of the headlights is to make the headlights illuminate the road brightly and evenly within a specified distance without dazzling the driver of oncoming vehicles to ensure driving safety. In addition, when the car's headlights are replaced or the direction and distance of the headlights during use do not meet the specified requirements, the headlights should be adjusted.