The replacement method of the rear bumper is:

  1. Remove the cover, buckle, screws and bolts of the rear bumper;

  2. Pull the bumper in the wheel arch area;

  3. Take out the bumper on the side and replace the bumper of the same type.

  The rear bumper is a beam under the rear lights.The functions of the rear bumper are:

  1. Safety protection;

  2. Relieving external impact;

  3. Protecting pedestrians;

  4. Decorative;

  5. Improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle learning role.

  The rear bumper is composed of an outer panel, a buffer material and a beam. It has the characteristics of certain elasticity and good force absorption. It is a safety device that absorbs and moderates the external impact force and protects the rear of the body.

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