SHINESELL AUTO tell you how to repair dented car bumper.

  1. Use hot water:

  Most of the front and rear bumpers of family cars on the market are made of special plastic materials. Boiling water can restore the dented car body. The reason is also very simple. The plastic will soften when it is heated. Just heat the dented part. Push it out. Once the depression is restored to its original shape, please immediately use the prepared cold water to cool down the area where the hot water has just been poured to allow the rubber to shrink and recover.

  2. Use dent repair tools:

  Although the bumper has strong plasticity, sometimes the expansion of hot water alone is not enough to repair the dent, so you need to use external force at this time, and the dent repair tool can just meet your needs. A set of tools available online only costs a few dozen yuan, and they are very effective in treating small dents. After purchasing, you can also put them in your car for emergencies.

  3. After removing the force, push it with your hands:

  In fact, if there is a small dent in the car bumper, the car owner can also try to remove a screw from the car, put his hand into the bumper of the car body, and push it hard from behind, which can actually be restored. But when the bumper is dented, there are usually a lot of scratches, so you have to go to a repair shop to have it repainted.

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