In daily driving, if there are scratches on the headlights of the car, SHINESELL AUTO suggests that you can try the following repair methods:

  1. Grinding and Polishing: Use fine sandpaper (2000 to 3000 grit) to lightly sand the scratched area, then polish with abrasive paste or polish. This step can be done more conveniently and efficiently with a power polisher. Maintain steady pressure during polishing and move the polisher repeatedly until the scratches disappear.

  2. Use a cleaner: A cleaner can help remove minor scratches. Choose a car cleaner suitable for plastic surfaces, apply it to the scratched area, and wipe gently with a clean cloth.

  3. Use repair kits: There are some kits on the market that are specially used to repair scratches on car headlights. These kits typically include lapping, polishing, and protection fluids. Follow the steps in the instructions, using the tools and chemicals in the kit to make the restoration.

  No matter which method you choose, remember to protect the headlights after restoration. You can use car wax or protective fluid to smear them to reduce the recurrence of scratches and improve the brightness and transparency of the headlights.

  If the scratch is very deep or beyond repair, the entire headlight assembly may need to be replaced. In such cases, it is best to consult a professional auto repair shop or technician for an accurate assessment and advice.