How to fix blurry car headlights, the steps are as follows:

  Soak the sandpaper in soapy water for 5 minutes.

  Opening the front hood can wipe all parts of the headlight glass.

  Do car light repair in a cool place. Do not repair in the sun.

  Use small sandpaper to remove the discolored layer at the beginning, and then use larger sandpaper to remove the scratches left by the previous sanding. (Remember the order: 600=>1200=>2000=>2500).

  If the headlight only turns yellow without scratches, you can use naphthalene and then polish it. You can use 2500-grit sandpaper, but if the yellowing is severe, use 400-grit sandpaper first. In most cases, the more severe the discoloration of the headlight, the rougher the sandpaper will be needed. The larger the number in the sandpaper model number, the finer the sandpaper: 600 (coarsest) => 1200 => 2000 => 2500 (finest).

  Before polishing, clean the lamp to remove insects, oil, and other contaminants.

  Take another piece of sandpaper, in this case the sandpaper size should be 1200. Use the same method to sand, then 2000-grit sandpaper, and finally 2500-grit sandpaper.

  Wear protective equipment: gloves, goggles, old clothes, etc.

  When sanding, the impurities you want to remove will drip down. Keep sanding until the surface is smooth and free of impurities.

  When sanding, keep water on the sandpaper. The key to wet sanding is water.

  Look for moisture and cracks on the headlights. If there is moisture inside the car lights, it means that moisture entered the lights during assembly. At this time, even cleaning the outside of the headlight can only play a small role in improving the appearance of the light and increasing the brightness of the light. You may need to clean, dry, and seal the plastic lenses inside the headlights to prevent moisture from entering again. You can drill a small hole in the bottom of the headlight, but do not drill holes in glass headlights or closed-beam headlights. Drain the moisture and dry, then seal with a rubber plug or silicone sealant.

  All automotive solutions should not damage your car's paint, but you must wipe them off after use. Once these solutions dry, they can have a negative impact on your car's paint.

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