Regarding whether the headlights can be updated by yourself, generally, you can replace the headlights by yourself. Here are some steps and considerations:

  1. Buy the correct light bulb: First, determine the correct type of light bulb you need to purchase. You can refer to your vehicle's owner's manual or consult with an auto parts store to make sure you choose the correct bulb model for your vehicle.

  2. Turn off the power to the vehicle: Before replacing the headlights, make sure to turn off the power to the vehicle. Shut off the engine and remove the key to avoid any electrical malfunction or risk of electric shock.

  3. Accessing the headlight unit: Depending on your vehicle model, it may be necessary to open the hood or remove a cover from the wheel well section in order to access the headlight unit.

  4. Remove the old bulb: Usually, you need to twist or push the bulb socket and remove the old bulb. Make sure you don't touch the glass part of the new bulb directly with your hands, as grease and grime can affect the life of the bulb.

  5. Install the new bulb: Take the new bulb, make sure the socket is aligned in the correct position, and gently twist or push to install the bulb. Make sure the bulb is fully inserted and firmly connected to the socket.

  6. Test the bulb: Before closing the hood or wheel well, you can reconnect the power and test that the new bulb is working. Turn on the headlight switch of the vehicle, observe whether the headlights are on, and check whether the focus is normal.

  SHINESELL AUTO reminds that the above steps are just general guidelines, and the actual operation may vary from model to model. If you are not familiar with car repair or feel unsafe, it is best to consult a professional car repair person or go to a car repair center for a replacement.