The bumper is made of plastic and can generally be repaired as long as it is not too damaged. Car bumpers are safety devices that absorb and slow down external impact forces and protect the front and rear of the car body. Many years ago, the front and rear bumpers of automobiles were stamped from steel plates into channel steel and riveted or welded to the frame longitudinal beams. There was a large gap between the car body and the car body, which looked very unsightly.

  With the development of the automobile industry and the extensive application of engineering plastics in the automobile industry, automobile bumpers, as an important safety device, are also on the road to innovation. In addition to maintaining their original protective functions, today's front and rear bumpers of cars must also pursue harmony and unity with the body shape and pursue lightweighting. The front and rear bumpers of cars are made of plastic, which are called plastic bumpers. Generally, the plastic bumper of a car is composed of three parts: outer panel, buffer material and cross beam. The outer plate and buffer material are made of plastic, and the cross beam is stamped with cold-rolled sheet to form a U-shaped groove; the outer plate and buffer material are attached to the cross beam.

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