Appearance Quality

  The appearance quality requirements of automobile bumper products can be selected according to the scope of product application, model grade and customer requirements. The main contents include:

  1. The color, texture and gloss of the surface of the bumper product should be uniform, and there should be no obvious difference.

  2. The visible surface of the product should be free of defects such as cracks, flashes, bubbles, flow marks, shrinkage cavities, dents, and contamination that detract from its appearance and performance.

  3. The gate, ejector position and parting surface are generally not allowed to be set on the appearance surface of the part identification grade "A" unless approved by the OEM product engineer before the mold design is finalized.

  4. There should be no obvious sink marks, flow marks, weld marks, shrinkage holes, scratches and other defects affecting the appearance of the decorative surface of the painted product.

  5. The skin texture area starts from 0.5mm of the parting surface, and the skin texture is allowed to be eroded within 1.0mm along the edge of the lower side of the part.

  Gloss requirements

  The gloss requirement will play a very key role in the appearance quality of the automobile bumper, and technical parameters such as the type of gloss, incident angle and specular gloss should be explained.

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